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Beverly D’Angelo Recalls Real Heat, Fake Snow on ‘Christmas Vacation’ 25th Anniversary (Video)

“We were surrounded by artificial snow and it was about 80 degrees, remembers D’Angelo.

If you woke up with your head sewn to the carpet you wouldn’t be more surprised that “Christmas Vacation” is nearing its 25th year anniversary.

In a new video out from Fandango, Beverly D’Angelo reveals what it was like to film the famous scene where Clark Griswold lights up the neighborhood with a “grand total of 25,000 imported, Italian twinkle lights.”

“I know we were surrounded by artificial snow and it was about 80 degrees,” recalled D’Angelo. “I remember thinking, ‘is this stuff flammable?'”

Written by John Hughes, the film was the third installment in the “National Lampoon Vacation” series and brings back stars Chevy Chase as a manic dad trying to create the perfect Christmas for his family. D’Angelo plays the wife who tries to keep the peace despite her husband’s crazy antics.

“When I think back about ‘Christmas Vacation,’ the thing that amazes me is the cast,” said D’Angelo. “It was an incredible cast.”

In addition to Chase, the Griswold family includes Juliette Lewis (“August: Osage County”) and Johnny Galecki (“Big Bang Theory”), Diane Ladd (“Rambling Rose”), Doris Roberts (“Everybody Loves Raymond”) and, of course, the unforgettable Randy Quaid.

“The biggest part of that cast were the older actors. Because the actors that came on as the in-laws and the grandparents and the uncles and aunts were the real deal,” said D’Angelo. “I attribute that to Jeremiah Chechik and his direction.”

Since its original release in 1989, the film has joined “It’s a Wonderful Life,” “Christmas Story,” and the Rankin/Bass animated classics as must-see holiday viewing.

“‘National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation’ is one of those timeless holiday movies that demands to be watched every single year, preferably alongside your own quirky Griswold-like family members,” Fandango contributing editor Erik Davis told TheWrap. “It’s funny, heartfelt and just a little bit deranged. Every character feels like someone you know, and we can’t pass a house adorned in holiday lights without immediately thinking about this wintertime classic. It really is the perfect Christmas movie.”

To that end, Fandango is offering the opportunity for a Christmas home makeover in which one fan will have their home outfitted with outrageous decor, similar to the Griswold abode. A team will install decorations worth $40,000 at the winner’s home, in addition to giving him or her $5,000 in wrapped holiday gifts and $25,000 to cover what’s likely to be an astronomical electric bill.

Fandango has not yet revealed how to dismantle those Christmas decorations after the holidays.