Beyonce Says She Was Shocked by Cuba Trip Controversy

The singer tells ABC News that she did not expect such scrutiny over her vacation with husband Jay-Z

Seemingly everything that Beyonce and Jay-Z do gets dissected in public. Even still, the singer never expected such an outcry over the couple's five-year wedding anniversary trip to Cuba. At least that's what singer told ABC News' Amy Robach in a recent sit-down interview.

Beyonce called the reaction over their vacation to the communist nation "quite shocking." 

"You know, it was such a beautiful trip," Beyonce said. "I met some incredible children. I visited some incredible entrepreneurs. And it was really, it was really educational for me. I learned so much about so many people and the country, and it was actually quite shocking."

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Last month, the first couple of hip-hop came under fire from lawmakers who questioned whether they had the proper permits to visit Cuba. The U.S. Government prohibits travel to the Caribbean nation except under strict conditions.

Beyonce has also been criticized recently for covering the Amy Winehouse classic, "Back to Black" with Andre 3000, for the "The Great Gatsby" soundtrack. Winehouse's father took exception to the decision and execution.

But fortunately, not all of her latest moves is sparking controversy for Mrs. Carter. Beyonce plays the role of Queen Tara in the upcoming animated film, "EPIC," in theaters May 24.