Biden Shrugs Off Age Concerns on Seth Meyers, Says Trump Is Nearly the Same Age and ‘Can’t Even Remember His Wife’s Name’ | Video

The president argues that “it’s about how old your ideas are.”

Seth Meyers was quick to ask President Biden about concerns over his age on Monday night, and the president was prepared for it – complete with a dig at Donald Trump’s own age.

Biden stopped by “Late Night” to kick off the week and celebrate the 10th anniversary of the show, having been one of Meyers’ very first guests back in 2014 alongside Amy Poehler. And, though Meyers and Poehler made sure to joke with the now-president, the host also made a point to address concerns that he and other voters have directly.

Among those concerns is Biden’s age. When Meyers noted that Biden’s age is a very real concern among voters, the president’s response was two-fold.

“Number one, you gotta take a look at the other guy. He’s about as old as I am, but he can’t even remember his wife’s name,” Biden replied, earning a huge laugh from the audience.

In case you missed it, Trump did indeed appear to forget his wife Melania’s name while speaking at CPAC over the weekend. When he did refer to her, he appeared to call her Mercedes. Trump allies have since said that he was actually referring to Mercedes Schlapp in that moment, who was at the event.

But, speaking more seriously on the matter of age, President Biden argued that the real concern is “how old your ideas are.”

“Look, I mean, this is a guy who wants to take us back. He wants to take us back on Roe v. Wade, he wants to take us back on a whole range of issues that are — 50, 60 years, they’ve been solid American positions,” Biden said. “And I really mean this sincerely, I think it’s about the future.”

He continued, “Every single thing we’ve done — I think we’ve gotten some good things done. And they told us we couldn’t get them done, ’cause things were so divided. But I think everything we’ve gotten done, he’s just frontally stated he wants to do away with if he gets elected.”

You can watch President Biden’s full comments on his age and more in the video above.


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  1. BobDole Avatar

    This is fake news. Trump was talking to Mercedes Schlapp, who was sitting in the audience in front of him.

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