Biden Campaign Trolls Trump in First Truth Social Posts: ‘Converts Welcome!’

The username @BidenHQ promotes Fox News reappraisals and Nikki Haley gaffes in its first day on the social media site

Joe Biden speaks at Tioga Marine Terminal on Oct. 13 in Philadelphia
Joe Biden speaks at Tioga Marine Terminal on Oct. 13 in Philadelphia (Credit: Mark Makela/Getty Images)

The reelection campaign for President Joe Biden pulled the ultimate Donald Trump troll on Monday — by joining Truth Social, the former president’s right-wing social media platform.

Housed under the username @BidenHQ, the account used its first day online promoting Fox News reappraisals (in one clip, host Greg Gutfeld admitted Biden gave a “strong speech” in response to the Hamas terrorist attacks in Israel), Republican candidate Nikki Haley gaffes (in one interview with NBC, she suggested the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff should be executed) and GOP criticisms of its leading candidate, Trump (during the Republican debate, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis blamed his party’s presumed leader for today’s inflation).

“Well. Let’s see how this goes,” @BidenHQ’s first Truth Social post read. “Converts welcome!”

In an exclusive announcement Monday morning to Fox News, representatives from the Biden 2024 reelection campaign explained their decision to join the notorious platform, saying, “Republicans can’t even agree on a Speaker of the House, so clearly, not every Republican thinks the same,” adding that they intend to combat “mis and disinformation” on the site by “injecting our message” into typically conservative communication channels.

“There’s very little ‘truth’ happening on Truth Social, but at least now it’ll be a little fun,” a senior Biden campaign aide told Fox News of the decision.

Responding to the Biden campaign’s Truth Social account launch, Trump campaign spokesperson Steven Cheung told Fox News on Monday that the move indicates that their candidates social media platform is “where real news happens.”

“Crooked Joe Biden and his team are finally acknowledging that Truth Social is hot as a pistol and the only place where real news happens,” Cheung said. “Unfortunately for Biden, his continuation of spreading misinformation to gaslight the American people in order to distract from his disastrous record won’t work and they’ll be ratioed to oblivion.”

Truth Social launched in February 2022 after the former president was effectively banned across other social media platforms, including X, the site formerly known as Twitter. Low traffic and financial woes have plagued the platform since.


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