‘Big Brother 20’ Houseguest JC Mounduix Says He Is ‘Not a Pervert’

“You know we were super friends and super close,” CBS contestant tells EW

Big Brother JC Mounduix
Johnny Vy/CBS

“Big Brother” contestant JC Mounduix took a lot of heat this season for his on-camera behavior, but now that the show is over, Mounduix is attempting to explain his actions.

“I can be a lot of things but I’m not a pervert,” Mounduix said in an interview with Entertainment Weekly after Wednesday’s season finale. “I can tell you that.”

Mounduix was repeatedly criticized throughout the season for appearing to invade the other houseguests’ personal space, including at one point earning a stern warning from the show’s producers after touching other contestants’ genital area with an ice cream scoop.

Fans also observed Mounduix on the show’s live feeds touching another contestant and kissing him while he slept.

“Well, this is the thing. We were really close in the house. I was having nightmares all the time. I would have the girls and guys talk with me and patting me. Tyler was sleeping and he was making sounds that he never does and I was like, ‘Babe it’s gonna be okay,’” Mounduix said, explaining that he was trying to comfort him. “You know we were super friends and super close.”

Mounduix finished the season in third place, making it all the way to the finale before being evicted in the last Head of Household competition. Kaycee Clark, who cast the sole vote for his elimination, went on to take the crown.

“To be honest, I think [Kaycee] was going to win no matter what. She had no blood on her hands whatsoever,” Mounduix said.