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‘Big Brother’ Contestant JC Asks Houseguest If She’s Trans (Video)

CBS contestant has twice previously come under fire for making inappropriate comments this season

“Big Brother” contestant JC Mounduix is once again stirring up controversy with inappropriate behavior and comments.

Viewers of the show’s live feed witnessed Moundiux ask his fellow houseguest Rachel Swindler if she’s a “real girl” on Monday, badgering her about her gender as she was trying to sleep.

“There was a comment that you are trans,” Moundiux told her. When Swindler asked who made the comment, he replied, “I did.”

“No, not a chance,” Swindler replied.

Moundiux continued to press, brushing her throat and saying she has a “big adam’s apple.” Visibly annoyed, Swindler swatted his hand away and said, “JC, please go to bed and stop talking to me. That’s, like, kind of rude.”

The uncomfortable interaction prompted a swift response on social media.

“JC starting a rumor that Rachel is trans and then proceeding to touch her adam’s apple even though she very clearly tells him to stop is reason #100 why I don’t like him,” wrote one angry fan on Twitter.

Others took issue with his use of the phrase “real girl,” which invalidates trans women’s identity.

“JC asked Rachel if she was a “real” girl (implying trans girls aren’t “real” girls)…WTF?!? Just throw away the whole season,” wrote another viewer.

Moundiux has twice previously raised controversy with inappropriate behavior. Producers warned cast members of “future consequences” for such behavior after Moundiux was caught touching a female houseguest’s genitals with an ice cream scooper earlier in the season.

He also was the subject of considerable backlash from fans and cast members alike when he said the “n-word” in conversation with a black houseguest.