‘Big Brother’: Kathy Griffin Joins Zingbot to Roast Remaining Houseguests

An innocent prank potentially destroys one player’s chance at the $500,000 prize

Kathy Griffin and Zingbot on "Big Brother"
(Spoiler warning: Please do not read on if you have not yet watched Wednesday night’s episode of “Big Brother”)

Kathy Griffin showed up to help an ailing Zingbot on Wednesday’s installment of “Big Brother.” The Houseguests immediately realized something was wrong when Zingbot started giving props instead of zings.

One ring at the doorbell, though, and Kathy Griffin came in to set things straight. The cast certainly looked thrilled to see her, but Griffin had something to say about that when she appeared on “Late Show” later that night.

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“When I walked in as Emmy and Grammy-winner Kathy Griffin, half of them were like, ‘Oh my God, it’s Kathy Lee Gifford,’” Griffin told David Letterman. “It keeps me humble, David, in a way that you never could.”

With Zingbot malfunctioning, Griffin stepped in to sling insults of her own, cutting the contestants to the core. She called out Victoria as this season’s ultimate floater, and made fun of Caleb for his unhealthy obsession with ousted Amber.

And she saved something special for Zach. “What do you call someone who’s not afraid to cry, wears pink and cuddles with men?” she asked the house. Even Frankie, the openly gay brother of Ariana Grande, thought she meant him. “You call them Zach.”

Zach has become extremely close with Frankie, snuggling with him, sharing backrubs and adopting the “couple” moniker of Zankie.

But this week marked the true end of Zankie, and it wasn’t because of Zingbot or Kathy Griffin. It was because of the task voted on for America’s Team. Donny, Derrick and Frankie were voted in as Team America weeks ago, and their task this week was to steal an item from each Houseguest and establish a neighborhood watch for 24 hours.

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The inadvertent result of this was that everyone started accusing Zach of stealing the items, and it continued even after the items had been found. Zach didn’t know what to do or how to convince the house he wasn’t the saboteur. Meanwhile, Frankie and Derrick saw an opportunity to eliminate the wild card member of their team without getting blood on their hands.

Frankie took full advantage of the house consensus that it was Zach, feeding the accusations and then putting him up on the block in replacement of Caleb. If Zach goes this week, he’ll be the second player in a row thrown under the bus and eliminated based on a lie, after Nicole last week.

But it’s not over yet. Thursday night’s eviction also features a special competition that will see one of the four most recent evictees return to the house. Joining Nicole and either Zach or fellow nominee Cody will be Hayden and Jacosta.

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Hayden and Jacosta might love a chance to get back into the house, but I’d much rather see Nicole or Zach come back in, if it is Zach that gets the boot. They both will have a huge axe to grind over the lies that cost them their games, and will be seeking to completely blow up the fragmented-but-still-holding-together Bomb Squad/Detonators.

As impressive as it’s been watching this alliance fail forward throughout the season, it would be nice to see the underdogs knock them from their perch and make them feel what it’s been like for outsiders like Donny and Victoria all season in that house.