‘Big Brother’ Star Hayden Voss Performs Nearly Nude Parody of Kanye West and Jay Z Song (Video)

The air guitarist joins Caleb Reynolds, who allegedly made racist comments on Instagram, as the second cast member to make headlines outside of his involvement in the reality show

Hayden Voss is more than just a contestant on the new season of “Big Brother”; he’s an accomplished air guitarist, too.

Years before he took his talents to CBS’ exceedingly popular reality TV show, now in its sixteenth season, Voss was stripping down to his underwear and pretending to play guitar to the sweet sounds of Kanye West and Jay Z’s collaborative hit, “No Church in the Wild.”

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Uploaded in 2012, the recently unearthed parody video — aptly titled “No Church in the Nude” — alternates between shots of the nearly nude (and thoroughly muscular) Voss dancing in front of a lake and flailing around on his floor.

He isn’t the only “Big Brother” star making headlines, either. As TheWrap previously reported, Caleb Reynolds, the show’s so-called “metrosexual cowboy,” has taken heat for allegedly using racist and homophobic language on Instagram.

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Only a few weeks into the season, “Big Brother” is already one of CBS’ biggest hits this summer. According to his CBS biography, Voss was employed as a pedicab driver long before his career took a turn for reality TV. In addition to making YouTube videos, his hobbies are  listed as skateboarding and drums.