‘Big Brother’s’ Controversial ‘Metrosexual Cowboy’ Caleb Reynolds Enters House

Reynolds, who came under fire after an Instagram post in which he allegedly used homophobic and racist language, comes into the game “cocky and intense”

(Spoiler alert: Do not read on if you have not yet seen Thursday night’s episode of “Big Brother 16”)

After stirring up controversy with alleged racist and homophobic comments from two years ago, “Big Brother” contestant Caleb Reynolds entered the house on Thursday night’s episode.

In one of many new twists, the Houseguests were split into two groups, with eight entering during Wednesday night’s premiere, and the remaining eight entering on Day 2 of the competition.

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In his introductory package, Caleb described himself as a “metrosexual cowboy,” emphasizing the importance of smelling good for the ladies. In fact, two things became quickly evident about Caleb. He intends to flirt hard throughout the summer, which may include hooking up with one or more of the women, and he intends to play even harder.

Caleb came across as very aggressive in all of his encounters, and with his impressive physique, he quickly set himself up as a major target for the other players. And yet, none of this seemed to phase him. He insisted that he would never throw a competition, and predicted that he would win the first one.

In his defense, that “cocky and intense” confidence, as Paola Shea described it, was earned. He gave a very impressive performance in the Head of Household challenge, winning comfortably. Ironically, if the alleged homophobic comment is to be believed, he found himself sharing the HOH crown for the first week with Ariana Grande’s gay brother, Frankie.

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In the purported Instagram post from two years ago, which has since been removed, Caleb was responding to some negative feedback he’d received after he wrote a post lamenting President Obama’s reelection.

According to screengrabs of the deleted post, Caleb responded, “You believe in murder? You agree with fags? I guess so but I don’t agree with murdering a innocent baby which he clearly doesn’t mind. Nothin has changed in these last four years. Your just a democrat that wants that Muslim monkey in office. I’m done with you, your dismissed.”

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Thus far in the Big Brother house, though, everyone seems to be on their best behavior, as they’re still getting to know one another. Once things “start getting real,” as “The Real World” so eloquently put it, anyone harboring attitudes like that will be hard pressed to keep them to themselves.

That said, once the Live Feeds started broadcasting on Thursday night, the contestants were uninhibited in some ways. While viewers of “Big Brother After Dark” wouldn’t get to see it, those streaming the 24/7 coverage online got to witness Joey streak through the house topless, while Hayden wore nothing but a hat, which he used to cover his genitals.

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Perhaps “Big Brother 16” will turn into a racist and homophobic quagmire like “Big Brother 15,” but so far it seems like everyone is too busy having reckless fun this summer to bother with being offensive yet.

“BB15” was incredibly uncomfortable to watch, but it did generate big ratings for CBS as the summer went along, and the controversy escalated. “BB16” is already off to a stronger ratings start than last summer. Perhaps people are tuning in based on the Caleb controversy, hoping to see more boorish behavior.

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There’s nothing yet, but it took a while for everyone’s true colors to come out last year. Whether it’s Caleb or someone else, with all these young, headstrong people in the house, somebody’s bound to do or say something outrageous eventually.