Here’s Who’s Going to Win ‘Big Brother’ — Based on Basically Nothing

There’s absolutely no way to know yet, but let’s take a swing anyway

Photo: Cliff Lipson/CBS

“Big Brother” has returned for its 23rd season on CBS and this year, the prize is bigger than ever with the winner going home with $750,000. So obviously, gameplay is going to be even more intense, especially since they’re playing in teams of four. Who’s going to win that prize? It’s anyone’s guess at this point, so we’ve made our own.

If we’re being honest, we don’t think any of the first four competition winners in the premiere are going to win it all. Why? Strong starts don’t always lead to strong finishes. And “Big Brother” is a marathon, not a sprint. That doesn’t mean Frenchie, Claire, Christian and Whitney aren’t all strong contenders — they clearly are.

Now, again, there’s absolutely no way to know who will win it all just based on the first night of gameplay. So these guesses — one male guess and one female — are based on essentially nothing but gut instinct and maybe a just sprinkle of logic. But just like the players, we have a 1 in 16 chance of being right, so why not take a swing?

Kyland Young

Big Brother

If a male competitor wins this season of “Big Brother,” we think it’ll be Kyland.

Really, it all came down to one thing with him. Though he was just as wondrous about the house as his competitors, if you watched him closely when he first walked in, he did a quick up and down of the wall of photos. Can you judge a book by its cover? Absolutely not. But it’s probably not a bad idea to do a once over of all the faces you’ll be living with for the next three months. Survey the scene around you and be aware. Awareness certainly never hurts in “Big Brother.”

And, at the end of the night, he ended up on Claire’s team. Though we don’t think she’ll be the one to win it all, she certainly doesn’t seem like a bad person to be on a team with. Kyland didn’t exactly have a memorable first performance, but maybe that was part of his strategy. Who knows? We don’t. But congrats, Kyland, you’re our pick to go the distance based on the first night of “Big Brother.”

But if a woman is going to win it, it’ll probably be Hannah.

Hannah Chaddha

Big Brother

Sure she was picked close to last when it came time to divvy up teams, but she’s clearly got a smart head on her shoulders. Granted, there’s absolutely a difference between book smarts and social smarts. And based on the first night, we don’t really know how Hannah is with people.

We know that Hannah fibbed a bit about her skillset to seem less intimidating, a distinct strategy move. It could work; some people might see a hyper-intelligent player as someone who can be a long game kind of a threat. Then again, it could backfire entirely the moment someone finds out she wasn’t entirely truthful.

She’s got the drive though, and clearly a love for the show. Admittedly, those aren’t exactly unique characteristics in this house, but there’s just something about her. (Remember, these choices are generally gut instinct. Very little logic here).

That said, neither Kyland nor Hannah ended up on the team that won safety for the first week of play. They could be gone by Sunday night. Or they could win it all.


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