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Biggest Sundance Deal Yet: Weinstein Co. & Ron Burkle Acquire ‘My Idiot Brother’

Studio and financier jointly pay $6 million for the U.S. distribution rights to the Paul Rudd comedy

The Weinstein Company has partnered with Ron Burkle to acquire the Paul Rudd comedy "My Idiot Brother," a Weinstein executive confirmed.

The deal entailed a $6 million acquisition price for release rights in the U.S. plus key foreign territories.

Weinstein also had to commit to a $15 million prints-and-advertising spend for the comedy, which is due out this summer.

The movie has garnered a tepid industry response (The Hollywood Reporter called "no worse than Rudd's latest vehicle, How Do You Know, but it's yet another leading role that fails to live up to Rudd's talent"), but fan sites critics embraced it. (Said one: "Though the narrative be somewhat aimless, it’s final destination is heartfelt and honest to a fault.")

The movie also stars Elizabeth Banks, Emily Mortimer and Steve Coogan.

The movie, directed by Jesse Peretz, stars Paul Rudd as Ned, a perennial loser who turns to his family for help. He is passed from sister to sister, but his chaotic conduct brings the family to the cusp of collapse.

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