Bill Clinton Regrets Whiffing on Diabetes as President (Exclusive Video)

TheWrap has first look at deleted scene from Katie Couric’s “Fed Up,” the former president talks about the rise of childhood diabetes and obesity

History looks kindly on the presidency of Bill Clinton, who oversaw eight years of prosperity in the United States. But having that much power invariably leads to plenty of regrets, and for Clinton, the inability to foresee the diabetes epidemic counts is among them.

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In this deleted scene from the documentary “Fed Up,” Clinton talks about how his administration worked to get kids more active and raise nutrition standards for food served in public schools. That, he admits, was clearly not enough to fend off the rise of childhood obesity, and with it, the spike in type two diabetes.

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“I missed it, sort of,” Clinton admits in an interview with Katie Couric, who also served as an executive producer on the junk food-focused film. “We knew that we had an effort to try to increase the exercise program in the schools and improve the cafeteria requirements, but I don’t think we appreciated the magnitude of it… It’s not only a personal tragedy for a lot of young people and interferes with their quality of life and mobility, but will lead to enormous complications for us.”

Diabetes has become more of a focus for the former president since leaving office, as it is one of the issues that his massive global network, The Clinton Foundation.

“Fed Up” is now available on DVD and Blu-ray.