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Bill Cosby Ripped by National Association of Black Journalists: Not a Racial Issue

”This is an issue of journalists who are reporting on allegations and asking for comments,“ NABJ President Bob Butler tells TheWrap

The National Association of Black Journalists is responding to Bill Cosby‘s call for the black media to remain neutral as an avalanche of rape accusations mount against the comedian.

“Black media, in fact all media should remain neutral,” Bob Butler, President of the National Association of Black Journalists told TheWrap Tuesday. “As journalists, that’s what we do, we go in with an open mind and we look to report the story, and I think that’s what’s being done.”

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In Butler’s opinion, Cosby shouldn’t even be referencing black media.

“I don’t see this as a racial issue. This is an issue of journalists who are reporting on allegations and asking for comments. That’s what we’re trained to do. We look at both sides of the story. One side of the story are people making allegations, and it’s our responsibility to try and find out what his response is.”

Cosby recently broke his silence, saying: “I only expect the black media to uphold the standards of excellence in journalism and when you do that you have to go in with a neutral mind,”

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His wife, Camille Cosby, came out Monday in defense of her husband, arguing there seems to be very little vetting of Cosby’s accusers.

“A different man has been portrayed in the media over the last two months. It is the portrait of a man that I do not know.”