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Bill Cosby’s Lawyers Seek Documents Related to Deposition Release

Attorneys for comedian believe that accuser Andrea Constand and her legal team might have been involved

Bill Cosby’s legal team thinks his accuser Andrea Constand and her lawyer might have been involved in the release of his full deposition in Constand’s 2005 sexual assault lawsuit against the comedian — and now they’re seeking documents that might establish that connection.

Attorneys for the scandal-plagued star filed legal papers on Friday seeking discovery to address “legitimate concerns about the true role that” Constand and her attorney, Dolores Troiani “may have played in … the public release of Defendant’s complete deposition.”

Cosby’s attorneys contend that the release of the full deposition — which was obtained and reported on by the New York Times — is in violation of the confidentiality agreement from the 2006 settlement of Constand’s case against Cosby.

The papers filed Friday contend that the full deposition was released to the Times by Kaplan Leaman & Wolf, a company hired by Troiani to transcribe Cosby’s deposition.

“The circumstances are suspicious,” the filing reads. “Defendant should be entitled to explore whether Ms. Constand’s lawyers played any role in the transcript’s release.”

According to Cosby’s attorneys, Troiani has denied involvement in causing the transcribers to release the deposition, but apparently they are unconvinced.

Friday’s filing seeks a range of discovery material.

“The scope of such discovery should include, inter alia, communications occuring during the month of July 2015 between or among Ms. Constand’s lawyers, The New York Times, and/or Kaplan Leaman & Wolf, whether by email, telephone, in person or otherwise.”

Prior to the release of the full deposition, excerpts of the transcript were unsealed by order of Judge Eduardo C. Robreno. However, Cosby’s legal team contends that the full transcript was never filed with a court, and fall under the confidentiality agreement between Cosby and former Temple University employee Constand.

In recent months, Cosby has been accused of rape or sexual assault by dozens of women, with a common theme being that he allegedly drugged them beforehand.

Cosby’s attorney, Martin Singer, has denied such accusations in the past.

Pamela Chelin contributed to this report.