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Is ‘Scrubs’ Creator Bill Lawrence the Unluckiest Person in TV This Month?

Writer-producer had ”Rush Hour“ and ”Undateable“ yanked in past few days; ”I’m so lucky to do this for a living,“ he tweets

Bill Lawrence may have kept his fingers crossed, but evidently that wasn’t enough to appease the TV gods.

The creator of “Scrubs” and co-creator of “Spin City” and “Cougar Town” has had two shows canceled over the past few days: NBC’s romantic comedy “Undateable” and CBS’ buddy cop show “Rush Hour.” “Undateable” made it through three seasons, but “Rush Hour” got yanked after just one.

But the writer-producer seems to be taking it all in stride, if his Twitter account is any indication. In fact, he told fans that he hopes to keep at least one of his current projects going, if “maybe at school fairs.”


Lawrence has a long history with network executives and their decision-making. When “Scrubs” was originally on NBC, star Zach Braff told interviewers the show changed time periods so frequently that his mother used to call to ask him when it was on.

But not all the news is bad for Lawrence these days. He reported earlier this month that Netflix had renewed “Scrubs” on the streaming service.

Sometimes you’ve got to celebrate the positive to get through the bad times.

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