Bill Maher Mocks His Own Movie Appearances With Ideas for New Oscars Categories | Video

Maher’s category: “Best Use of a Real Life TV talk show host whoring himself out to make the movie seem more realistic”

Mid-way through Friday’s episode of “Real Time” Bill Maher used his middle-of-the-show bit for some jokes about the state of film and television awards. But his in suggestions for some new Oscar categories at the Academy Awards, the “Real Time” host ruthlessly roasted his own history of playing himself in various movies.

You can watch the clip at the top of the page now.

“The thing about the Oscars is they reflect society. That’s why we pay so much attention, partly. And things are always changing in our industry. Like streaming, you know, just changed the whole industry,” Maher began as he introduced the bit.

“This happens so often, so they have to come up with new categories for the awards. The Golden Globes came up with a new one this year that’s basically ‘a picture people liked,’” Maher continued.

“They become such self-congratulating, virtue-signaling boors that they had to go ‘oh yeah, let’s make a category for that, people actually paid to see something? Great,’” Maher said as he then explained the gag involved new Oscar categories, which were:

“Best editing of a film that’s still an hour too long.

“Achievement and ethnic prosthetics.”

“Best achievement in replacing an actor who tweeted something offensive.”

“Best use of the freeze frame, followed by the words ‘you’re probably wondering how I got here.’”

“The Michael Bay coolest fireball award.”

“The least annoying picture where the plot is driven by a simple misunderstanding.”

“Best song performed by someone your niece can’t believe you’ve never heard of.”

“Best movie that opens with an armadillo scurrying across a highway.”

And then Maher got to himself with the final new Oscar category.

“Finally, Best Use of a Real Life TV talk show host whoring himself out to make the movie seem more realistic.”

From there it was nothing but clips from movies where Maher has done just that: “Iron Man 3,” “Primary Colors,” “Delivery Man,” “Gringo,” “House of Cards,” and “The Interview.”

“Boy I did a lot of that,” Maher quipped.


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