Maher Says Trump ‘Personally Is Killing Other People’ With His COVID Infection

“He’s still infectious! He’s still endangering the staff,” Maher says

Bill Maher

On Friday’s episode of “Real Time,” Bill Maher started the show off by laying into into Donald Trump hard over his recent misadventures — namely, how he may be directly responsible for getting dozens of people infected with COVID-19. Specifically, Maher said Trump “personally is killing other people. Personally.”

Maher also mocked Trump’s often bizarre behavior since he publicly disclosed that he contracted COVID-19, was hospitalized for it, and checked himself out of the hospital early.

“As for our COVID-infected president, tonight he’s going to undergo a medical exam. Really, this is happening on Fox News in a very special episode of ‘Dirty Jobs,’” Maher said at the top of his monologue.

“The doctor is in New York and Trump’s in the White House. I’m not sure how this is really an exam but I hope it involves Trump sticking his own finger up his ass, that’s all I have to say.”

Maher noted that he’s frequently critical of people who assert that some new Trump scandal is going to be the thing that ruins him, “but I’m telling you, this getting COVID thing, not good for him.”

Maher then noted something that could probably use more attention: Trump’s survival from the disease that has already killed more than 210,000 people was due in part to having access to health care few people on earth ever will. “The way he handled it, I think the final blow is that, you know what, we’ve seen that he gets treatment we would never get,” Maher said. “He’s out there every day bragging about how ‘I beat it.’ Yeah, with a team of doctors and experimental drugs.”

“When Trump gets sick he goes to Walter Reed. The average American goes to Duane Reade,” Maher continued. “He’s on an experimental antibody cocktail that was tested on hamsters. It’s a little risky, but they say as of tonight the president is doing fine and resting comfortably near his wheel.”

That’s when Maher got to the point about how many people in Trump’s orbit that have been infected with COVID-19 — more than 30 by a conservative estimates. And that’s not getting into people who have become sick after attending Trump rallies or other events, like Herman Cain, who was killed by COVID after bragging about not wearing a mask at Trump’s divisive Tulsa rally in June.

“The other thing is that he’s literally infected others, I mean this f—ing country. So f—ing dense. They only could get it through their head, he’s a bad guy when he personally is killing other people. Personally,” Maher said. “USA Today says he and his entourage have infected or exposed at least 6,000 people in five states, beating the old record set by Motley Crue.”

“Things are so upside down in this country. Today Stormy Daniels called him a super spreader,” Maher joked.

“So far now, we’re keeping count. 34 people, 34 connected to the White House, have become infected. When the helicopter lands on the lawn now, they play the theme from ‘MASH’. And in the White House, they’re going nuts, they’re freaking out. They’ve got workers wiping down every inanimate object. Desks, computers, Wilbur Ross,” Maher continued.

Maher told a joke about Trump adviser Jared Kushner, and reminded people that Melania Trump, who is currently herself infected with COVID-19, was recorded saying “who gives a f— about Christmas.” Then Maher turned his attention to how Trump returning to the White House is itself a very risky move.

“He’s still infectious! He’s still endangering the staff! And the staff, of course, has not said anything about this publicly, but privately, ooh, I would love to be a fly on Mike Pence’s face to hear what they are saying,” Maher joked, referring to the most memorable moment from Wednesday’s vice presidential debate. Then he dinged Trump for dropping out of the second presidential debate because he opposes COVID-19 safety protocols such as having Biden and Trump in separate locations.

” The debate commission now says the next presidential debate could only happen remotely because Trump is infected, and Trump has cancelled this. He said no, he doesn’t want to do a debate that way. He said his infectious personality just doesn’t come across on Zoom,”  Maher said.


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