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Bill Maher Provides a List of Signs to Help White Women Know if They’re a ‘Karen’

The meme life cycle continues

If you’ve been online over the last few months, you’ve no doubt seen a huge spike in a meme where the name Karen is used to mock a specific kind of racist white woman. But you might not be sure what actually qualifies someone to be a “Karen.” So on Friday’s “Real Time,” Bill Maher provided some helpful tips for white women who want to know if they fit the bill.

The gag came during the show’s mid point, immediately after he had discussed the situation involving Amy Cooper, a white woman in New York who on Monday was caught on cell phone video making a false police report against Christian Cooper (no relation), a black man who asked her to put a leash on her dog.

“People called this woman a ‘Karen.’ This is a new term but not a new concept,” Maher said. “We’ve had Clueless White Girl, and Becky I think is in this tradition. It’s a white woman of privilege, sometimes racist. It’s hard to define, so we thought we would, as a public service, for any middle-aged white women who wonder, ‘maybe I am a Karen,’ tell you some signs.”

And so it is Maher unveiled those signs, which we’ll list below:

“In high school, you were voted most likely to make a citizen’s arrest. Yeah, that would be one.”

“You park in the handicap spot because of a gluten intolerance.”

“You threatened to call immigration during a pedicure.”

“When you’re at the baseball stadium and your team loses you demand to speak to the manager.”

“When Samuel L Jackson says, ‘What’s in your wallet?’ you pepper spray the TV. That’s a definite sign.”

“You go on a Facebook rant about how the Asian section in the supermarket keeps getting bigger.”

“You repeatedly cancel Ubers until you get a driver with a ‘normal’ name.”

“And when a friend says, ‘this is my fiancee,’ you say, ‘this is America, damn it, speak English!’.”