Bill Maher Calls New GOP Speaker ‘A Giant Gift’ for Democrats: ‘He Says Life Begins at Insurrection’ (Video)

“The Republicans are really found their sweet spot: Loves Jesus, hates democracy,” HBO host says

Bill Maher on Friday spent the majority of his monologue on HBO’s “Real Time” talking about the new Speaker of the House, right wing Republican Mike Johnson.

Maher of course roasted the Louisiana congressman’s fanatical religious fundamentalist views, his opposition to civil liberties and his involvement in Trump’s attempt to overthrow the government in 2020. Or as Maher put it, he fits the GOP “sweet spot: Loves Jesus, hates democracy.”

But looking at all of that, Maher declared Johnson to be “a giant gift” for the Democratic Party, electorally speaking.

“I know why you’re happy today,” Maher said at the start of the monologue. “The Republicans finally found someone who fits the glass slipper: Speaker of the House Mike Johnson.”

“Exactly what I thought,” Maher continued when the audience’s response was less than enthusiastic. “I’ve never heard of him but he has — oh boy do I like this guy. Super duper-ooper Christian. I mean super Christy. And probably the worst of the election deniers. So the Republicans are really found their sweet spot: Loves Jesus, hates democracy.”

“I gotta say, this guy owns it. Because we’re just getting to know him. So he’s on the shows and they’re asking him about him. He said today or maybe yesterday, he said, ‘pick up a Bible off the shelf.’ I didn’t have one but I got it. ‘And read it. That’s my worldview.’ That’s what he’s saying. Talk to the hand… the one with the nail in it,” Maher went on.

“He’s in a covenant marriage,” Maher said. “I didn’t know what this was. Have you heard of this thing in Louisiana where he’s from? Like, like marriage isn’t hard enough to get out of. “

After explaining what a covenant marriage is, Maher noted that Johnson is “like pro life, he’s, wow. This guy. He says Life begins at insurrection. And he absolutely hates gay sex. Especially when he’s having it.”

Maher then argued that some of the most ardent homophobes are secretly gay, quipping that they want to “criminalize gay sex because it makes it hotter.” He also noted how Johnson also wants to reinstate anti-sodomy laws.

“I think this is actually a giant gift to the Democrats because I mean, wow, forget about Republicans coming after your Social Security now they’re coming after your anal,” He joked. “Finally, a way to get the young people to the polls.”

Watch the whole monologue at the top of the page now.


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