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Bill Maher Says Mike Pence Didn’t Wear a Mask at the Mayo Clinic Because He Wanted to Tell ‘Barefaced Lies’ (Video)

Maher also dings Georgia’s reopening and, yes, Donald Trump

In the latest monologue of the at-home edition of “Real Time,” Bill Maher talked about the recent disturbing or just weird current events amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, and one thing he took particular issue with the way Mike Pence handled a trip to the Mayo Clinic this week.

On Tuesday, Pence toured the Mayo Clinic to get a look at how it is dealing with coronavirus patients, but the vice president inexplicably did not wear a face mask, despite being surrounded by sick people. Face masks are of course mandatory at the clinic, but Pence claims no one told him of this fact. There are some problems with that account, however.

First, the Mayo Clinic has since said that Pence was definitely told about the policy in advance. And second, at least one journalist who accompanied Pence has said they were all told about the policy and instructed to comply with it. Pence was apparently so unhappy with that disclosure, that the reporter was banned from Air Force Two for two weeks in retaliation, according to the Washington Post.

“You know who else is not popular this week? Mike Pence. Not popular,” Maher said about that. “Went to the Mayo Clinic. Everyone was wearing a mask, of course, it was the Mayo Clinic, or everywhere. And he did not have a mask. Mike Pence said, ‘No it’s okay. I’ve been tested. And besides, they’re called barefaced lies.'” Zing!

Maher also brought up how Trump has responded to the possibility that the supply of meat in the U.S. might be affected by coronavirus outbreaks at meat processing facilities. Trump issued an executive order requiring those facilities to remain open (even though the order doesn’t require worker safety to be taken into account).

“Yeah, don’t don’t f— with lunch,” Maher said. “The War Powers Act, which is at his disposal — he could use it for you know masks, ventilators. He used it this week to make sure that the meatpacking plants were kept open. Because meat, now it’s personal. You step on Donald Trump’s meat hose and s— just got real.”

Maher also talked about the thing everyone has been talking about for a week now — how Donald Trump literally suggested it might be possible for people to fight coronavirus by injecting disinfectant into the body. (As always, absolutely do not do this.)

“Yes. This incomparably stupid man actually suggested — and he’s the president of the United States, I don’t know if you know that — actually suggested this week that people ingest cleaning disinfectants,” Maher complained. “And his voters started calling poison control centers to see if that was okay. Deplorable? They’re the unbleachables.”

After briefly touching on Hillary Clinton’s endorsement of Joe Biden, Maher concluded by poking fun at the order to begin reopening Georgia, which began this week and will continue next week. “States are starting to open up for business again. Georgia leading the way. They have opened up the tattoo parlors and the beauty salons. In the south, what they call the ‘high-tech sector,'” Maher joked.

“And it’s good to see that in Georgia things are becoming normal again. When I say ‘becoming normal,’ I mean being able to get a tattoo of Jesus wrestling a snake,” he continued. “Oh and bowling alleys in Georgia. If you’re in Georgia, bowling alleys are open, barbershops and tattoo parlors. Because what could be safer businesses than ones involving razors, needles and sticking your fingers in other people’s balls.”

You can watch the whole monologue above.