Bill Maher Asks GOP to ‘Stop Flirting With Authoritarianism and We’ll Stop Flirting With Communism’ (Video)

The “Real Time” comedian gives thanks to America for the midterm elections’ “not as crazy as we thought moment”

Bill Maher is offering a Thanksgiving olive branch to Donald Trump “and all the loons” for scaring America into voting against them on election day while also asking them to make a deal with the left: “Stop flirting with authoritarianism, and we’ll stop flirting with communism.”

“Since this is our last show of the season and our Thanksgiving show, I’d like to start tonight by giving thanks this year to Donald Trump and all the loons, Karens, Kool-Aid drinkers, D-list celebrities and unqualified weirdos he put up for office who scared some sense into America on election day and thus made this holiday season so much brighter for me and millions of other Americans,” the “Real Time” host said with a smile on Friday’s show. “Thank you. Republican, Class of ’22.”

The comedian thanked election deniers who ran for Secretary of State or governor in swing states that lost, “which was almost all of them,” and the “decent Republicans who defied Trump and won.”

“America showed the world that the reports of our death were slightly exaggerated,” Maher said. “Maybe we’re not quite as crazy as we look. Republicans showed they could dump their baggage and Independents showed they could actually be independent. Usually they’re just closet Republicans, but this year they did what they never do in midterms — they came out in droves for the party in power and told the party that ran on a platform of f— elections, ‘Go f— yourselves.’”

Maher cheered on the country and for its “better angels” putting up the win they haven’t seen in quite a while. “Turns out we’re not guilty by reason of insanity. And right now, I feel like we’re having a ‘not as crazy as we thought moment.’ Let’s keep it going,” he said.

Rallying “the Normies,” as he calls those who steer away from conspiracy theories, bullying and lies, Maher noted that according to a recent “60 Minutes” report, “The extremists are only about 7-8% on both sides, and yet they get 90% of the media attention. 92% of all tweets in this country come from 10% of the users. Why are we letting 15% of the population make us all miserable?” he asked. “It’s like we’re letting the crying baby fly the plane.”

“All the normal Republicans who stepped up last week, great beginning. Let’s keep it going,” Maher said. “Don’t stay silent about insanity just because it’s coming from your team. Call out this conspiracy stuff. Marginalize the people who believe in crisis actors and lizard people, who think Democrats eat babies or run pedophile rings. We all need to call out the people of bad faith on both sides who pretend things they know are not true.”

He went on: “Everyone’s always talking about how they’re tired of the extremists and how they long for compromise. Then do it. Make deals. Stop flirting with authoritarianism, and we’ll stop flirting with communism. Stop saying Democrats eat babies, and we’ll stop saying men can have them. Stop denying the ice caps are melting, and we’ll stop asking you to disband I.C.E. Stop saying there’s a war on Christmas, and we’ll admit Kwanzaa is completely made up. Keep a lid on the Proud Boys, and we’ll see what we can do about Kanye. Let’s all agree to form a less psycho union.”

You can watch the entire New Rules segment in the video at the top.