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Bill Maher Gloats Over Trump Health Care Fail: ‘You Know How Putin Feels About Failure’ (Video)

The bill failed to pass, Maher says, despite GOP changes ”to make it more attractive to psychopaths“

Shocking no one, Bill Maher gloated hard at the start of tonight’s episode of “Real Time” over the failure of Donald Trump and the Republicans to pass the “repeal and replace” health care bill the party has campaigned on for nearly seven years.

“Oh, this looks bad for Trump,” Maher said in his opening monologue. “It does. You know how Putin feels about failure.”

House Speaker Paul Ryan met with Trump today and told him that they were unable to whip the necessary votes from within the GOP and the best thing they could do was to pull the bill that would have ended the Affordable Care Act. The president agreed.

“It’s like the girl of your dreams finally saying ‘take me to bed,’ then you get her there and it’s…” Maher trailed off, implying the metaphorical man in question couldn’t perform.

Maher then noted that the GOP opposition to the bill that ultimately killed it came primarily from the so-called “Freedom Caucus” or, as he put it, “the artist formerly known as the Tea Party.” The Freedom Caucus notably objected to the bill because, in their opinion, it didn’t go far enough, even though Ryan and the GOP made numerous changes to it “to make it more attractive to psychopaths.”

“Their version of health care was ‘if you like your doctor, go f–k yourself,’ and the Freedom Caucus still wouldn’t go along with it.” Maher continued: “It’s like if you’d wrote a highway bill that makes the bridges fall down, but they said ‘Yeah, that only kills drivers. What about the people at home?'”

As many who mocked the GOP on Twitter earlier today said after the bill failed, Maher admonished Republicans that “crafting laws just isn’t your thing.”

What is their thing? Maher says, calling into radio shows with conspiracy theories, posting angry tirades online, and “secret gay sex at highway rest stops… but not legislation.”

Watch the video above.