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Bill O’Reilly and Karl Rove Will Not Be Gambling Together Anytime Soon

Fox News host pokes fun at political strategist’s electoral track record

Karl Rove isn’t a gambling man, but if he was, he found out Monday he wouldn’t have Bill O’Reilly as an ally at the casino.

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After explaining Senate contest numbers to O’Reilly with his trademark whiteboard, O’Reilly directed a little jab Rove’s way.

“They will not let you bring that little board into the casinos,” O’Reilly said. “I don’t gamble,” Rove responded.

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“And with your prediction record, that is a wise move,” O’Reilly giggled back. “Oh, that was personal and petty,” Rove responded.

“That’s me…P and P,” O’Reilly concluded. O’Reilly’s joke at Rove’s expense was regarding Rove’s dismal 2012 presidential election and congressional elections’ predictions. On election night, Rove famously refused to believe that President Obama had won Ohio–and thus re-election.

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Rove’s denial led Megyn Kelly to walk him down the Fox News hallway to a room with the network’s election pollsters, where the results were further explained to Rove.