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Bill O’Reilly Says Reaction to Jon Stewart’s Departure ‘Proves’ Liberal Media Bias (Video)

”I’m sure when I retire I’ll get the same treatment,“ the Fox News host says sarcastically

Jon Stewart has been a popular topic of conversation since he announced he was leaving “The Daily Show” on Tuesday. But Fox News host Bill O’Reilly said the media’s response to the satirical newsman’s departure actually serves as proof of a liberal media bias.

“Whenever you make the charge that the national media in America is pro-liberal, some people deny it. But tonight we have proof,” he said on “The O’Reilly Factor.”

O’Reilly played a montage of various media reactions to Stewart’s announcement, highlighting how each anchor or pundit had only positive things to say about Stewart and his career.

“[He] has to be pleased with all the adulation. I’m sure when I retire I’ll get the same treatment,” O’Reilly joked. “Say I get run over by a bus tomorrow… Why would I not get the same treatment that Jon Stewart is getting?”

His panelists agreed: “If you compare your ratings to [Stewart’s], it’s embarrassing for him. You’re number one in all of cable news,” Juan Williams, a frequent Fox News contributor, said. “[But] that’s not the way the world works.”

I think Jon Stewart is a tremendous talent and his talent should be admired and he should be praised. But that’s not what this is about,” O’Reilly added. “”[It] proves that the national press and the commentators on television and media and print are overwhelmingly liberal.”

Stewart said he will be leaving his Comedy Central news desk at some point this year, but has not yet announced a date.

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