Bill Skarsgard and Maika Monroe Break Into the Wrong House in ‘Villains’ Trailer (Video)

Jeffrey Donovan and Kyra Sedgwick star in the SXSW thriller opening Sept. 20

Bill Skarsgård may be the one terrorizing people in the upcoming “It: Chapter Two,” but in his next film “Villains,” he’ll be the one hoping for an escape.

In “Villains,” Skarsgård and Maika Monroe play two burglars on the lam who break into the house of a wealthy couple, only to find out they’re not the bad guys in this story. As they explore the house, they discover a young girl chained up in the basement. And once the home’s owners realize they know their secret, they fight back and make Skarsgård and Monroe their prisoners.

But the film’s tone is lighter than its dark premise, and the two become something of fixtures in the home of this seemingly picture perfect couple as played by Jeffrey Donovan and Kyra Sedgwick, each delivering deliciously nasty and twisted performances. The film’s trailer concludes with Skarsgård and Monroe duck taped to chairs in the couple’s dining room so they can all sit down for a nice family meal.

“So are you guys going to kill us or…,” Monroe calmly says with a shrug as Sedgwick serves them their dessert.

“Villains” made its premiere at this year’s SXSW festival and is directed and written by Dan Berk and Robert Olsen. The film is a co-production of BRON Studios, Star Thrower Entertainment, Creative Wealth Media Finance & The Realm Films.

Gunpowder & Sky acquired the film out of SXSW, and their horror label Alter, which just launched in Q3 of 2018, will release the film next month on Sept. 20.

Watch first trailer for “Villains” above.