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Billy Crystal Confesses to Letterman He Almost Slept Through James Earl Jones Play (Video)

The comedian, himself a broadway actor, has a problem with dozing off at shows

Funnyman Billy Crystal returns to Broadway with his Tony-award-winning show “700 Sundays” this winter, but his affection for the stage doesn’t necessarily translate to staying awake in the audience.

“I’m a nodder. It’s terrible,” Crystal told David Letterman on the Late Show Tuesday night.

“I saw ‘Book of Morm’ – did not see the whole thing,” he joked.

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Crystal said there are moments in his own show that get serious, like where he talks about the loss of his father at the age of 15. “And I look down, and a guy’s fast asleep in the front row,” he said.

It’s a shame when you’re pouring your heart out on the stage, to see a row of men passed out like zombies, but Crystal admitted it happens. Letterman also copped to getting a few “good sleeps” in the theater himself.

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So when Crystal and his wife decided to see legendary actor James Earl Jones in the first run of Pulitzer winning play “Fences,” Crystal decided the surefire way to stay awake was to sit in the curiously empty front row.

The result? Take a look at the video and find out.