Billy Eichner Dons an Easter Bunny Costume to Celebrate ‘The Passion of the Christ’ (Video)

The Mel Gibson-directed movie is 10 years old! Happy anniversary!

Finally, “The Passion of the Christ” is getting the celebration it deserves.

In a bit for his Fuse show “Billy on the Street,” the world’s No. 1 Mel Gibson fan Billy Eichner¬†toured the streets of Manhattan in a highly authentic Easter Bunny costume in order to drum up excitement for the 10-year anniversary of Mel Gibson‘s controversial biblical epic. The results were worthy of their own chapter in the Gospel.

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Sure, some New Yorkers were a bit skeptical about his motives and taste — it seems that everyone likes Melissa McCarthy movies better than the “Passion” — but Eichner is a kind man who will forgive them of their mistakes.

Except for the woman who picked Olivia Pope over Jim Caviezel. That is unforgivable.