Fuse TV’s Comedian Billy Eichner Ambushes Jimmy Fallon’s ‘Tonight Show’ Audience (Video)

Eichner took his “Billy on the Street” schtick indoors on the “Tonight Show”

Last Updated: August 4, 2014 @ 11:00 AM

You get a microphone shoved in your face and are asked a nonsensical question. Do you answer for a dollar or risk ridicule?

Vociferous comedian Billy Eichner thrives off this kind of spontaneity on his Fuse series “Billy on the Street.” This time he went indoors where he unleashed his mic on Jimmy Fallon‘s unsuspecting audience.

“You’ve done ‘Billy on the Street’ can you do ‘Billy in the Audience?'” Fallon asked.

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“Right here?!” Eichner exclaimed.  “You want to play along?!”

Immediately, the ambush comic thrust himself into the crowd and began peppering them with non sequiturs.

Some audience members were perplexed by Eichner’s questions, especially the guy who was asked to scream a name of a TV show.

“Not loud enough!” Eichner yelled. “Sit down!”

“What is he doing?!” Fallon asked incredulously.

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After a while, the crowd eventually figured out how to correctly answer the ambush comic’s questions.

“For a dollar, who do you like better 2 Chains or Angela Lansbury?” he asked.

Angela Lansbury!” one audience members answered assuredly.

“Yes! Correct!” Eichner erupted.

Watch more of the Fuse star’s shenanigans above.