BitTorrent’s Experiment With Artist Bundles Hits 100 Million Downloads

File-sharing service hopes to provide an “entire music festival in a single download”

BitTorrent recently hit 100 million downloads of its BitTorrent Bundles — one year after announcing it would begin an “experiment in digital publishing” to help to foster a greater connection with fans as well as freer creative license.

The goal of BitTorrent Bundles was to create a “music festival in a download.” BitTorrent reached out to artists ranging from Amanda Palmer and Moby to Werner Herzog and Joshua Oppenheimer to bundle their work with lesser-known artists from a variety of genres.

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Bundles can include any sort of digital media, from music and film, to visual art and 3-D printing. (Downloadable content for 3-D printing files include an Aston Martin and a heart. Yup. A heart.)

Bay Area rapper G-Eazy helped to push the Bundles program past the 100 million mark by allowing his entire backlog to be downloaded for free. This file included photos and posters, full albums and B-sides.

Arguing that “bandwidth should never be a barrier to creativity,” BitTorrent expects its Bundles to help bolster the connection between content producers and content consumers as the number of downloads grows.