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Donald Trump Supporters Brawl With Black Lives Matter Protestor at Rally (Video)

”Yeah, get him out. Get him the hell out of here,“ GOP presidential candidate says on stage

A Black Lives Matter protester was kicked out of a Donald Trump rally in Birmingham, Alabama on Saturday following an altercation with several Trump supporters.

Video of the fight shows Trump supporters shoving and kicking the protester before he is removed from the venue. The man was reportedly shouting “black lives matter,” with the saying also printed on his shirt, when multiple attendees began pushing and hitting him. One supporter can be heard chanting “all lives matter” on the video.

According to CBS News, the protester and two other men were asked to leave, but no arrests were made.

Trump addressed the altercation from the stage, calling on security to “get him out of here.” He also predicted that his opponents would use the incident to claim that he had a “picket” at his rally.

“You have one guy over there shouting, we have thousands of people, and you’ll read about him tomorrow,” Trump said. “They’ll say, ‘Oh, he had a picket!'”

Watch the video.