Blake Lively’s Birthday Message to Ryan Reynolds Is More Than Halfway Funny

“Happy Birthday, baby,” tweets actress in message with cheeky photo

Blake Lively rhythm section
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After waiting two months to dish out her own revenge, Blake Lively celebrated by trolling husband Ryan Reynolds in her own special birthday message to her star husband.

Lively got back at Reynolds for his birthday tribute to her in August, in which he shared a photo with her cropped mostly out of frame. “Happy Birthday, baby,” tweeted Lively on Monday, who this time cropped out Reynolds in a photo with fellow Canadian — and other Ryan — Ryan Gosling from the Critics’ Choice Awards in 2016.

The prank is almost identical to one Reynolds played on Lively’s birthday in August, when he cropped her out of a photo of the two from the 2014 Met Gala.

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Reynolds was impressed by his wife’s expert trolling.

“Amazing,” wrote Reynolds on the Gosling photo.