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‘Bloodline’s’ Ben Mendelsohn on History of Danny’s Cigarette Dangle, Which Rayburn Is the Worst

Plus, Emmy winner tells TheWrap if the door is open for a Season 4 revival or movie

(Spoiler alert: Please do not read on if haven’t watched Season 1 of the Netflix series “Bloodline”)

Netflix’s excellent series “Bloodline” is back for its third and final season, and star Ben Mendelsohn tells TheWrap that, yes, this will truly be it — probably.

“It would be a huge surprise if there were any more,” he said in our interview prior to Friday’s episode dump. “I feel pretty confident saying that this is it — but you never know.”

In other words, get your fill of Mendelsohn’s Danny Rayburn and his killer cigarette dangle-thing while you can. By the way, the Emmy winner ripped that move off, he told us.

“I stole that from the great Australian actor Noah Taylor … many, many, many years back. I’ve used it once or twice,” Mendelsohn explained. “When we were doing the [first episode], the director … loved the cigarette-dangle thing, and he was very instrumental in cementing that.”

It’s a good look — even for a dead man. Sorry if that’s a spoiler, but readers should really be caught up by now.

If not, spend some time with “Bloodline” this Memorial Day Weekend. You won’t regret it, and you can help us — and Mendelsohn — answer the key question at the center of this series: Who is the worst person in the Rayburn Family?

The way this writer posed that query to Mendelsohn was to inquire whether his ne’er-do-well Danny is a better person than Kyle Chandler’s boy scout John. That sentence would probably make it sound to a non-fan like there’d be an obvious answer — that is, until John kills Danny.

“In terms of the scale of transgressions — he murders his brother,” Mendelsohn began a thoughtful response.

“There’s an argument for dad, there’s an argument for mom. It’s tough to make that argument for Meg — the sister — and perhaps Kevin, to a lesser degree,” the Aussie actor continued. “But certainly there’s a good argument to be made about any of the other four — Danny, John, Sally and Robert — as to who is the most causing of bad in that family.”

We’ll miss this show and its fluctuating morals, and Mendelsohn will miss acting opposite “Friday Night Lights” alum Chandler.

“I feel like John in a lot of ways is actually the richest character, because he has taken on such a do-gooder role, and he is so invested in the protection and preservation of that family that he will kill that family to preserve it,” Mendelsohn said. “I think Kyle’s work is extraordinary.”

Check out all three seasons of “Bloodline” on Netflix now.