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Bloomberg Spokesperson Talks Up Campaign’s Chances Despite Early Super Tuesday Losses (Video)

Ex-New York Mayor also faces ”intense pressure“ from Democrats to drop out, MSNBC reports

Amid reports that Democratic insiders are pressuring him to drop out, Michael Bloomberg’s senior national spokesperson appeared on Fox News Tuesday night to talk up the campaign even as the earliest Super Tuesday results showed him far behind other candidates.

Virginia, she noted, looked like it was going to be won by former vice president Joe Biden as polls closed, but, she said, “It’s still an early night.”

“Look, there’s still a long night ahead of us and we have so many states that we are waiting to see how the results look for us,” she said, going on to caution, “You don’t call the game in the first quarter and we’re still in the first quarter right now.”

Meanwhile, Bret Baier asked Singh if Bloomberg would remain in the primary and possibly fight all the way to the convention. “Right now, as Mike has said, he is in this to win it and so we need to see how we do tonight,” Singh said.

Earlier in the evening on Twitter, Singh denied a report that advisers are urging the former New York City mayor to drop out and endorse Biden.

Around the same time on MSNBC, NBC News’ national politics reporter Joe Lederman similarly reported that there is “intense pressure” from Democratic party officials for Bloomberg to drop out and join former rival Sen. Amy Klobuchar, former mayor Pete Buttigieg, and former Rep. Beto O’Rourke in backing Biden.

Lederman also argued that though Bloomberg’s campaign is publicly optimistic, it sees “the writing on the wall” and after reviewing more states’ results, “will take a look to see whether there’s a reason to continue with this after tomorrow.”