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The Twitter alternative is taking off thanks to hilarious memes and the fact that it’s not Twitter

Bluesky Social is attracting social media users.
Bluesky Social is attracting social media users.

Bluesky, the Jack Dorsey-funded, invite-only Twitter clone, has been brimming with frenetic energy this week. S–tposters, sex workers, technologists, journalists and whoever else have flooded the new service, all at once trying to reimagine Twitter from scratch. With a looseness not seen since Twitter’s early days, they’ve been tweeting (or actually “skeeting”) on the timeline (“skyline”), demonstrating this new app may indeed be the Twitter alternative some have been waiting for. The early excitement has turned it into the hottest tech app on the planet.

“This place feels like a class with a substitute teacher who is totally f–ked,” wrote one user amid the chaos.