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‘Blurred Lines': San Diego News Team Mocks Mayor in Parody (Video)

Journalistic lines are blurred as the U-T team lays it on Thicke

Sometimes an injustice is so great that journalists can't stand on the sidelines, merely reporting the news. No, they must become advocates, crusading for the truth, putting their journalistic reputations on the line.

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So it is with U-T TV, an online news operation in San Diego that made a parody video of Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines." Their target is Mayor Bob Filner, who faces such serious allegations of sexual misconduct that he's been banned from Hooters. (Really.) The video features the news team singing lines about sexual harassment while words like "#RESIGN" flash across the screen.

While the blurred journalistic lines may bother some people, the Los Angeles Times' Robin Abcarian notes that it's also troubling to see female news anchors dancing around to protest alleged sexual misconduct.

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"Insisting the mayor resign for demeaning women, the station has chosen to demean women to get its message across. Or the women have chosen to demean themselves. Same diff, in my book," she writes.

Watch the video: