Bob Kerrey Exits New School 7 Months Early

Ex-senator had flirted with becoming head of the MPAA, but negotiations broke down last July

Bob Kerrey's stormy nine-year tenure as president of New School will end in December 2010. That's nearly seven months earlier than the ex-senator said he would be leaving the top post at the Manhattan college.

He will be replaced by David E. Van Zandt, the dean of Northwestern Law School, the college announced on Thursday.

Initially, it appeared that Kerrey would exit New School and ride off into the Hollywood sunset as the head of the Motion Picture Association of America. The MPAA had hoped to tap Kerrey's extensive Washington experience in selecting him for the post of the industry's top lobbyist.

TheWrap first reported his selection in May, but negotiations dragged on for months and the studio chiefs apparently soured on Kerrey and his increasing demands. The groups announced that talks had broken down in July, leaving the MPAA to pick up the pieces and re-ignite its search.

MPAA President and Chief Operating Officer Bob Pisano has continued to serve in the CEO post on an interim basis.

During his time at the New School, Kerrey was credited with raising the school's profile and securing funds for several capital projects, his public clashes with students and teachers resulted in a series of protests and a faculty vote of no-confidence.