Bobby Cannavale Is Not Brad Garrett, but Here’s Him Doing Brad Garrett (Video)

The not-“Everybody Loves Raymond” star also does a killer Neil Diamond

Let’s get something straight right off the bat: Bobby Cannavale is NOT Brad Garrett. And he never was. Yet…

On Monday’s “Tonight Show,” host Jimmy Fallon asked Cannavale which of his many — and eclectic — projects he gets recognized for most while out and about.

“‘Everybody Loves Raymond,’” Cannavale deadpanned, adding after a beat: “You know I was not on ‘Everybody Loves Raymond.’”

Yet still, fans — though maybe not the big ones — swear Cannavale is Garrett. The “Boardwalk Empire” alum can do Garrett’s voice, which he proved in a role play scene with Fallon (as Ray Romano).

We’ve got to admit, it was pretty good. The whole misunderstanding might even make sense if Garrett wasn’t, as Fallon puts it, “a giant.”

“I’m always like, ‘He’s really a lot taller than me,’” Cannavale recalled. “He’s the nicest guy, but I’m just not him.”

Cannavale doesn’t just do Garrett: he’s also playing a Neil Diamond impersonator in an upcoming movie. We got a taste of that impression, too, last night via the song “Heartlight.” Turns out, Cannavale does a damn good Diamond.

Watch the video above.

Cannavale is also in “Sing 2,” and he brought a clip from the Christmas release with him.