Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick Would Make $293 Million If He’s Fired After Microsoft Deal

Head of troubled gaming studio has a cushy contract as Microsoft swoops in with $68.7 billion cash acquisition

Activision Blizzard will soon have a new owner, Microsoft, but the same CEO, Bobby Kotick. That second part is kind of surprising to anyone who has been following the legal and PR nightmare surrounding the “frat house”-environment saga at the game studio behind “Call of Duty,” “Overwatch” and “Candy Crush.”

One reason that the embattled Kotick may still be on board may be found in the company’s 2021 proxy filing, which shows that Kotick could be due a golden parachute worth almost $293 million if terminated due to a “change in control.”

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Tony Maglio

TV Editor • • Twitter: @tonymaglio