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‘Bob’s Burgers’ Sneak Peek: Linda and Mr. Fischoeder Like Bananas and They’re Going to Sing About It (Exclusive Video)

”Copa-Bob-bana“ airs Sunday, Oct. 11

Linda and Mr. Fischoeder are teaming up to sing an ode to bananas in a new sneak peek at Sunday’s episode of “Bob’s Burgers,” and who doesn’t love a good duet?

With lyrics like “I like bananas in muffins and scones / I like bananas when I’m making a phone,” the song appears not to be the Hoosier Hot Shots novelty song “I Like Bananas (Because They Have No Bones),” but a completely different song about a different set of reasons to be fond of the yellow fruit.

The clip comes from Sunday’s episode “Copa-Bob-bana,” in which Bob (H. Jon Benjamin) agrees to be the temporary chef at the Fischoeders’ new nightclub. Meanwhile, the kids get a hold of a stock tank and decide to throw a pool party in the restaurant basement.

“Bob’s Burgers” is produced by 20th Century Fox Television. The series is created and is executive-produced by Loren Bouchard and Jim Dauterive. Nora Smith, Dan Fybel, Rich Rinaldi, Greg Thompson and Jon Schroeder also executive producer.

The series voice cast includes H. Jon Benjamin, John Roberts, Dan Mintz, Eugene Mirman, Kristen Schaal and Larry Murphy. Returning guest stars for Sunday’s episode are Kevin Kline as Mr. Fischoeder; Brian Huskey as Regular Sized Rudy; Bobby Tisdale as Zeke; Wendy Molyneux as Jen; Stephanie Beatriz as Choe Barbash; Bill Hader as Mickey; Zach Galifianakis as Felix; David Wain as Grover; Laura Silverman as Andy; and Sarah Silverman as Ollie.