‘Bombshell’ Trailer: Nicole Kidman’s Gretchen Carlson Is Ready to ‘Go to War’ Against Roger Ailes (Video)

Charlize Theron and Margot Robbie star in Fox News film opening Dec. 20

The latest trailer for Jay Roach’s “Bombshell” shows Fox News in a state of flux as Gretchen Carlson has just accused Roger Ailes of sexual harassment, and a woman on the phone asks her if she’s ready to “go to war” over this.

“Oh yeah,” Carlson, who’s played by Nicole Kidman in the film, replies.

The “Ellen” show exclusively had the new trailer for “Bombshell,” which shows Charlize Theron, Kidman, Margot Robbie and even gives a first look at John Lithgow as Roger Ailes in a detailed inside look at the workings of Fox News. In one scene, Kate McKinnon explains to a new employee played by Robbie some of the rules of the network.

“You have to adopt the mentality of an Irish street cop. The world is a bad place. People are lazy morons. Immigrants are criminals, sex is sick but interesting,” she says in the clip. “You have to ask what would scare my grandmother and piss off my grandfather, and that’s a Fox story.”

But it also shows how Carlson came to ultimately go against her employers and out accuse Ailes of harassment, all while Megyn Kelly (Theron) was being publicly attacked by then-presidential candidate Trump for grilling him in one of the debates.

Roach directed “Bombshell” based on a script by Charles Randolph. In the cast’s appearance on “Ellen,” Theron explained that the story utilized direct sources, including those who currently work at Fox News but only spoke anonymously, and that they hope the subjects of the film, including Megyn Kelly, will eventually get the chance to see the film.

“Bombshell” opens in theaters from Lionsgate on Dec. 20.

Watch the new trailer above via “Ellen.”