‘Bones’ Star Michaela Conlin Teases Big Shift for Angela and Hodgins (Video)

“There’s a really big episode coming up,” actress tells TheWrap

“Bones” is currently in the middle of its 11th season on Fox, and according to star Michaela Conlin, the secret to the crime series longevity is its ability to break from the procedural mold.

“I think it’s just the relationships on the show,” Conlin said in the latest episode of TheWrap’s “Drinking With the Stars.” “There’s been so much character development from the very beginning. It’s a procedural structure, but it’s really not.”

Conlin’s character Angela started off the series as a free-spirited artist who couldn’t be tied down, but by Season 11, she’s married to Jack Hodgins, played by T. J. Thyne, with a son. “She started as a real wild child,” she said. “She’s sort of settled down a little now that she’s married.”

Eleven seasons in and the show still has new things in store for its characters, even as they get married and have kids. Conlin teased an upcoming episode “that affects Angela and Hodgins in a really dramatic way.”

The actress stayed mum about whether or not the couple will be expecting another child, joking that with all the child actors who play her character’s son, it’s already like they have a bunch of children.

“We have different kids every time we shoot too, so it’s really strange,” she said. “We never know which child we’re going to have.”