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‘Bones’ Star Tamara Taylor Reflects on Fox Drama’s Long 12-Season Run (Video)

”It’s almost disrespectful to say, ‘Oh, we’re so bummed it’s ending,'“ actress tells TheWrap

“Bones” star Tamara Taylor reflected on the police procedural’s successful 12-season run and picked her favorite episodes from the show in a recent interview with TheWrap.

“It’s wild. I think as actors, a 12-year run is more than we could’ve ever asked for,” the actress told TheWrap’s Stuart Brazell. “It’s almost disrespectful saying, ‘Oh, we’re so bummed it’s ending.’ [But] I’d love to continue to play with my friends. ”

The final season of “Bones” premiered earlier in the month and will bring the series, which stars Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz, to a staggering total of 246 episodes.

“Much to my chagrin, I’d say much of Tamara was poured into Cam,” Taylor said of playing her character, Dr. Camille Saroyan, who was introduced in back in Season 2. “I’m a little bossier than I would like to think, so I think in that way I’m very much like Cam.”

Of the show’s many episodes, Taylor singled out the fan-favorite Season 3 episode “Aliens in the Spaceship” as one of her favorites. She also recalled the Season 9 mid-season finale “The Spark in the Park” as the episode that made her “weep.”

There are, however, some things Taylor won’t miss about shooting the show… namely the flies, roaches and maggots crawling around the show’s dead bodies.

“The only time it gets gnarly is when the bug wranglers come in — the maggot wranglers. Yes, there’s such a thing,” she said. “That kind of stuff wigs me out … Maggots have a smell.”