‘Boo! A Madea Halloween’ Stamps Out ‘Inferno’ Flop at Weekend Box Office

Tom Hanks sequel underperforms by more than $10 million

Inferno Tom Hanks Felicity Jones Box Office Flop Bomb
Felicity Jones and Tom Hanks in "Inferno" (Sony)

Some blame the World Series, others say it’s due to Halloween revelry, but the fact remains: Moviegoers aren’t flocking to the crime adventure sequel “Inferno.”

The third movie starring Tom Hanks as Harvard symbology expert Robert Langdon was looking at a $25 million debut earlier last week, but current estimates have its three-day debut set to $15 million.

That puts the only new wide release of the weekend in second place, behind returning title “Boo! A Madea Halloween,” which came in at No. 1 in back-to-back weekends with an estimated $16.7 million.

“Inferno” is earning less than half of what its 2009 predecessor, “Angels & Demons,” made when it debuted to $46.2 million — and went on to earn $133.4 million domestically.

The movie, also starring Felicity Jones, has a B+ CinemaScore — awarded by those surveyed on opening night. It has a low 20 percent Rotten Tomatoes score, which also likely dampened its potential box office blaze.

Diminishing returns is something of a trend in the Dan Brown book-based series, as “Angels & Demons” opened to roughly half of what the original “The Da Vinci Code” made on its debut. The 2006 film opened to $77 million and went on to earn $217.5 million domestically.

Sony’s Columbia Pictures and Imagine Entertainment likely picked up on the trend as the spend on the “Inferno” production was $75 million (not counting marketing costs) — which is roughly half of the budget allotted to the two previous films in the series.

Domestic results are a bit beside the point, as the Robert Langdon movies have consistently made more than 70 percent of their global grosses abroad. “The Da Vinci Code” made $540.7 million overseas, for example.

“Inferno” opened first overseas and is about to cross the $150 million mark internationally, TheWrap has learned.

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Directed by Ron Howard, who also helmed the past two films in the series, “Inferno” revolves around Langdon’s desperate race to head off a global pandemic by using Dante’s “The Divine Comedy” to unravel a mystery.

The film is playing in 3,576 theaters (377 of those being IMAX and 400 are premium large format screens).

The Top Five:
1. “Boo! A Madea Halloween” (Lionsgate) — $16.7 million in Week 2 ($52 million total)
2. “Inferno” (Sony) — $15 million in Week 1 ($15 million total)
3. “Jack Reacher: Never Go Back” (Paramount) — $9.6 million in Week 2 ($39.7 million total)
4. “The Accountant” (Warner Bros.) — $8.5 million in Week 3 ($61.3 million total)
5. “Ouija: Origin of Evil” — $7.1 million in Week 2 ($24.6 million total)