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‘Bosom Buddies’ Redux? ABC Picks Up Cross-Dressing Pilot, 3 Others

Cross-dressing pharmaceutical reps, a Jet-Age soap, an adoption comedy and an Edgar Allan Poe drama get their shot

Look out, TV Land: ABC ordered four pilots Tuesday, at least two of them with a decidely retro feel.

"Poe" features Edgar Allan Poe solving mysteries in the 1840s, and "Pan-Am" is a sexy soap set in what the network describes as "the Jet-Age" — which means "Mad Men" in the sky, we hope. 

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"Lost and Found, a comedy about a narcissistic New York City bartender who is reunited with the conservative 18-year-old son she put up for adoption, takes place in the modern age.

And "Work It," about two out-of-work salesmen who disguise themselves as women to get jobs as pharmacutical reps, borrows its main conceit from the '80s classic "Bosom Buddies," starring Tom Hanks and Peter Scolari (above).

It also takes place today, but here's hoping for the most '80s vibe possible.

Along with the order of a new "Charlie's Angels" pilot, ABC looks to be banking heavily on nostalgia in the coming season.

"Pan Am" is written and executive produced by "ER" executive producer Jack Orman. Sid Ganis will co-executive produce and Nancy Ganis, who happens to be a former flight attendant, will executive produce. Tommy Schlamme will executive produce and direct.

"Work It," is executive produced by writers Andrew Reich and Ted Cohen, head writers and executive producers of "Friends." Marisa Couglin is the supervising producer and writer of "Lost and Found." Both shows are from Warner Bros. TV.

"Poe" is written by supervising producer Chris Hollier and executive produced by Dan Lin.

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