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Boutique to Lindsay Lohan: Your Credit is No Good Here

West Hollywood boutique says Lohan walked on her bill, then tried to get a discount


If Lindsay Lohan could bottle and sell negative attention, the “Mean Girls” actress would never have to work again … or at least she'd be able to pay her bills.

Instead she's now being slapped with a lawsuit by a Los Angeles clothing boutique for the $16,880 they say she owes.

In their suit filed Wednesday in L.A. Superior Court, David Malvaney and Rodney Burns, owners of Church, claim that LiLo racked up a debt of $17,060.83 in clothes, shoes and other merchandise at the West Hollywood boutique from Nov. 2009 to Feb. 11, 2010.  

The actress told the store that "they were not to worry about being paid” as  “her business manager to take care of paying for the merchandise," according to the lawsuit

Welcome to the world of Lindsay Lohan, boys.

A little bit of it was paid, they say: Contacted by TheWrap, Church co-owner Malvaney said “Lindsay herself paid ($180) in the store in cash during one of her visits.”

That’s all that’s been paid so far — though not without Lohan first trying to get a discount. A person close to the situation told TheWrap that Malvaney and Burns “have been attempting to collect the amount owed from Lindsay’s representatives for several months and were eventually offered an amount much less than what was owed.”

The duo, TheWrap was told, refused the lowball offer.

Looking at her history of debts and various ongoing legal troubles, you have to wonder why they thought they’d ever see a dime. Their suit says “Plaintiff’s reliance on Lohan’s representations were justified due to the celebrity of Lohan and her well-known status as a movie actress with substantial income.” 

Truth be told, with a career more active on Twitter, where Lindsay has taken to shilling a number of accessories and diet aids of late, LiLo hasn’t seemed to have a substantial income in a very long time.

Besides a role in Richard Rodriquez’s “Machete” and a turn as Linda Lovelace in an upcoming biopic of the Porn star, Lohan’s comeback hasn’t exactly taken off.

Ed McPherson, one of the actress’s growing entourage of lawyers, told TheWrap that had “not yet reviewed the suit with Lindsay.” McPherson did add that he didn’t “think that it will impact our trial or her Deposition.”

Of course with a July 6 hearing that could see Lohan thrown in jail if the Judge thinks the actress hasviolated her probation, the last thing the SCRAM wearing and randomly drug tested actress needs is more legal trouble … or negative attention.