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Not Even the ‘Boy Meets World’ Cast and Creators Can Agree on Where Mr Feeny’s House Was

Did he live next door to the Matthews family or behind them?

Nearly two decades after “Boy Meets World” went off the air, fans of the ABC sitcom are hotly divided about one major issue: Where did Mr. Feeny live?

Apparently, some “Boy Meets World” fans think the teacher/principal played by William Daniels lived next door to the Matthews family, offered sage wisdom across a fence dividing the yards on the side of, rather than from behind, their respective houses.

When one fan raised the question over the location of Mr. Feeny’s house on Twitter, it revealed that many, including series star Will Friedle, had been confused about the matter for decades. “It was the kitchen door on the side of the house kids,” Friedle wrote.

Danielle Fishel, who played Topanga Lawrence in the series, was there to set them straight: “Backyard. It was clearly the backyard. The Matthews’ backyard butted up to Feeney’s backyard. Ya weirdos.”

When Page Six raised the issue with star Ben Savage and series creator Michael Jacobs, neither seemed willing to offer a definitive answer.

“Boy, that really is up for debate,” Savage said. “On the set, it was the side yard, but I did always regard that as like … backyard? No, I guess I would have to lean on the fact that it was the side yard. In the episodes, if you looked at the script, it always said exterior backyard like when it introduces the scene, so then I think you would have to say its the backyard.”

“In the end, it doesn’t matter, but the fact that this is what people hit on, that they like the show so much that its important to them, then we did good,” said Jacobs.