Brad Pitt Surprises Fans at ‘World War Z’ Screening in NJ (Video)

The unannounced appearance makes one girl "so nervous," and one guy bro out…hard

Brad Pitt made a surprise appearance at a Hoboken, N.J. screening of his upcoming summer blockbuster, "World War Z," to the delight of a number of fans — especially one guy who posted the cell phone video below.

On Wednesday night, the star of the film walked out with giveaway t-shirts, a microphone, and his killer ponytail to rile up a bunch of fans in the audience.

Pitt promised the excited crowd that what they were about to watch would be "epic," "scary as hell" and "the most intense thing you'll see all summer."

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Pitt was across the river in Manhattan screening the film — which comes out on June 21 — for friends and the media. He decided that the fans deserved a taste too, saying, "We can't do it without showing it to the people we made the film for." He added, "We decided no better place to do that than Jersey."

Much whooping followed.

If you are a fan of the novel, or of Brad Pitt's (or of bro's repeatedly yelling "What?!?" and "Ohhh!"), then this is a film and a clip for you.

Watch below: