Bradley Cooper and Jimmy Kimmel Compare Who Had the Ugliest Grandmother

The “American Sniper” star claims his granny “was like an Ewok with Arnold Schwarzenegger arms”


Bradley Cooper went on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” Thursday to promote his new culinary comedy-drama, “Burnt,” but instead the old friends ended up chatting about the physical quirks of their grandmothers.

Cooper, who plays a bad-boy chef in the film, explained how he grew up around cooking as his family was actually “in the garlic business,” and his grandmother made unbelievable pizza dough, which “she cut with scissors.”

Fortunately, Granny isn’t still around to hear how her grandson described her physical appearance. “She was a very big, small woman with arms like Arnold Schwarzenegger. She was like an Ewok with Schwarzenegger arms.”

Kimmel counterbalanced his guest by claiming that his grandmother had “the first hipster mustache,” while Cooper matched him by saying his “had a unibrow.”

Before it spiraled into a “Jeff Ross comedy act,” Kimmel wisely brought the subject matter to a polite close.

Earlier in the interview, Cooper revealed how he got culinary tips from master chefs such as Gordon Ramsay before playing the role of Adam Jones, a chef who was the toast of Paris until too many substances and too many burnt bridges destroyed his promising career as a restaurateur. After doing penance — shucking 1 million oysters at a New Orleans dive — he heads to London to revive his career.

“I always thought a spoon was the most useless utensil ever. But you always want to have a spoon on you. Every chef has a spoon because you are tasting constantly,” the teenage busboy-turned-Oscar-nominee said.

Co-starring Uma Thurman, Sienna Miller, Emma Thompson and Matthew Rhys, “Burnt” hits theaters Oct. 30.

“Jimmy Kimmel Live!” airs at 11:35 p.m. ET on ABC.