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Bravo Star Greg Plitt Was Filming on Tracks Without Permit When Killed by Train

”Work Out“ star was on the tracks just north of the Burbank Metrolink Station with a small film crew

Gregory Plitt, star of Bravo’s “Work Out,” was purportedly filming without permission on the Metrolink tracks north of the Burbank station on Saturday when he was struck and killed by a train.

Burbank Police Sgt. Scott Meadows, who had previously told TheWrap that “a video camera was seized as evidence at the scene,” confirmed to the Los Angeles Times that Plitt was with a crew of two when the train’s engineer blew the horn and applied the emergency breaks.

Plitt had filmed other fitness videos along the same stretch of tracks, performing feats of strength on the tracks. “He had no permit to be there,” Metrolink spokesman Jeff Lustgarten told the Times. “We have a whole process for people to go through if they want to be on our right-of-way, especially for film crews.”

Warren Coulter, a friend of Plitt’s, told the Times, “He just made a mistake.” Coulter said he talked to the crew members who were at the scene, who told him Plitt was attempting to get action shots, possibly playing off of the old Superman expression that the superhero is “more powerful than a locomotive.”

Police have interviewed the two-person crew — a man and a woman — as part of their ongoing investigation.

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