‘Breaking Amish’ First Look: They Run Up Big Bar Tab, Get Flirty in New York City (Exclusive Video)

The five young Amish go wild during their first night in the big city, aided by some alcohol

Five young Amish people hit New York City to get a taste of a different lifestyle, and in the newest episode of TLC’s “Breaking Amish,” it doesn’t take them long to become typical twentysomethings.

In this exclusive clip (above), the group gathers at a bar and everyone promptly gets plastered, teaching their new New York City friends to curse in their Amish language and fist-bumping the waiter.

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“I just kinda got really blurry after that,” a young Amish man, Bates, tells the camera. “I’ve never had that much fun in my whole life.”

Of course, things start getting a little flirty and touchy-feely between some of the Amish youngsters, even though previous episodes showed most of them married or in serious relationships back home. Two of them, Matt and Miriam, seem to be getting especially close.

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“No matter what Miriam says, I know there’s something going on with her and Matt,” their fellow Amish Barbie says. “A blind dog could see that.”

After being shocked by a $200 bar tab, Matt ends up carrying Miriam out of the bar when they leave, so perhaps Barbie’s onto something.

“Breaking Amish” airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET on TLC.